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You need to have a race team web site if you want product sponsors to even consider you. They want to see the professionalism of a web site promote your team and their product.

raceSPI am not only a Web Designer — but a racer who enjoys a good level of sponsor support. I can design your team a good looking web site that is as easy for you to keep updated (text, photos, video) as to post on Facebook — and I can do it quick (in a week or less) and cheap (Less than $2,000 – Complete).  These sites adjust to all browsers and screen sizes — and automatically detects mobile devices.

You may have a good car and be a good driver — but you will need a web site to solicit sponsors. Fact.


Swiss Army Knife

The Apple iPhone is the Swiss Army knife of drag raging. There are many apps, most free, that can assist the drag racer. Many of these same apps are available on some of the other smart phones — but they appear to be a “ported” app that don’t work well of the other than iPhone platforms. Ask Doug Duell about that.


One of the best apps is Jeg’s Perfect Start. I own a Portatree with a full size lights using LED bulbs — but this free app is just as good of a tool — and you can use it in Doctor waiting rooms, stop lights, even in the staging lanes. You have the ability to set the roll out for your car and how you like to stage. Doug had this app for his non-iPhone smart phone — and it didn’t work well. We will ofter sit in the pits at night with a cold Frosty — and pass it around for the best light per round of pass around.


indexAnother of my favorite apps is Google MAPS . It is a great GPS with turn by turn directions. I know most everyone has a GPS in their tow vehicle, and while great for long distance — this is better for a navigator to use for off the course directions. Since our rig is so long — we stay over night at Walmart. This is perfect to find one just off the route and getting turn by turn directions. Same for locating a Flying J to dump tanks, or a place to fix a trailer flat.

The-Weather-Channel-iPhone-App-Hits-Version-5-3-0-Download-HereThe weather Channel app is great to see radar in motion and plan for where your car is or if you need to roll up the awning. Looking at the weekend forecast for the worst weather for the event may help in deciding what index to run. You may be able to run a 9.50 in Friday’s good weather — but what if Sunday is 20 degrees hotter with rain coming in?

mzl.lluupglq.320x480-75At the track you might get parked at the end of the track or under a speaker that sounds like a Jack in the Box drive-thru speaker. Some stay outside to watch others in their class or sit in their truck to listen to the radio. With Geddex ($8.99 — and the only app I’ve paid for) I can sit in the motorhome and watch Judge Judy — knowing I’ll get a text when my class is called. I set it up for my class and the one before me — so I have time to adjust weight and tires.

appsAnother great track app is the 1320go app. You see real times (from RT to ET — and every mark in between) from your competition. You can get an idea of if everyone is too fast or too slow, how their car is running, what lane they’re doing better in, and what kind lights their having. If you have Crew Chief’s “Finish Line Manager” you can use this information to see where you and you competition should be in relation to each other at the 1000′ and mph cone.

itorch4iTorch takes the LED camera flash on your iPhone and use it as a flashlight at night for time slips, blown fuse, the missing submarine belt, …

There are a lot of iPhone apps like the above that can assist you in racing — and more coming out all of the time.

Point is that Information is power. Your competition is using this information to race against you — so you might as well use it to race against them. Next time you trade in your phone — think about if your racing could use a Swiss Army knife.


MoparStyle Racing at PRI

Dave and Dallas Schultz traveled to the PRI Show at the Orlando Convention center earlier in this week. At the show they looked at parts and equipment to enhance their racing, speak with some current and potential product sponsors (hopefully some news to announce in the next couple of weeks with regards to a couple of new product sponsors) and attend the NMCA Awards Ceremony — where Dave received his fifth in a row Top 10 Jacket (he missed the Championship by 1 round this year) and Dallas his 4th in five years (he took a year off a few years back).

A very big and pleasant surprise to Dave was that NMCA Drag Racers voted him as the 2012 Ambassador of the Year, and he received the above pictured award. Last year Dallas had received the Crew Member of the Year — as voted by the NMCA racers. Both awards are very much coveted, and as important to the drivers as a Wally — as they only receive them through the votes of the others who race in NMCA.

NSS Wally at Lone Star Shootout

NMCA Non-Point Race in Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas

November 9-11, 2012
Houston, Texas
Event Info

I spoke with Charlie Harmon and Steve Wolcott at the Nats in Indy, and they’ve agreed to run the NSS class, award a Wally, and have sponsor Contingencies at the upcoming Lone Star Shootout.

While the notice is short — there is still time for most to make arrangements for their last shot at a Wally. The Weather is generally very good down here in early November, and last year’s had it sunny and 75 degrees. Please Post Here if you can make it.

MoparStyle Racing Sponsor Report

2012 Dave Duell Classic

MoparStyle Racing Sponsor Report

Dave Schultz – August 6, 2012

The Dave Duell Classic
The Best Nostalgia Super Stock Racing Event

Dallas, Chloe, and I left for Bowling Green on Tuesday night at 9PM, and got as far as the Wal-Mart in Marshall at 1AM. I picked up driving at 5AM, we arrived at the track Wednesday at 5PM, and began to set up our pits.

Thursday morning we swapped out the non-adjustable Competition front set of shocks on Big Red Ram for a new set of AFCOs, established credentials, and teched the cars in.

Thursday night with the cars put away safely for the night, Dallas went out and bought two cases of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Beer (my favorite of the “Nectar of the Gods”) for Father’s Day and my Birthday. I pace myself with a one bottle a night policy.

Friday morning we had two time trial runs. It was so hot and muggy that no one could run their normal index. After the best of the two time trials had me at 9.81 — I went to the tower and changed my index to A/NSS — taking me out of the running for the Saturday FX race with a $1000 prize. Dallas had to change his from 9.50 (B/FX) to C/FX.

At 3PM, we had the first round of Qualifying. My weather station and Crew Chief software predicted that I’d run a 9.83 without weigh added, and a 9.94 with all of the weight I could legally add. So the plan was to go all out and then lift at the MPH cone. The plan worked as I hit a perfect 10.000.

As I was first (and ultimately the only) perfect ET on Qualifying — I was guaranteed the number one spot — and didn’t need to run the other three qualifying passes. However, I was having trouble on the tree, so I used those passes to concentrate on that. Below is the final qualifying sheet of the 41 NSS racers. I was #1 and Dallas  was also on the top half of the ladder with #18 of 41.

Saturday was class eliminations. I went to the finals and treed my opponent Jeff Frees pretty well, but gave him too much stripe, so I was runner up for A/NSS. I’d won my class in three of the last four tries at the Dave Duell Classic (in three different Indexes – C/FX, C/NSS, and A/NSS – with three different cars) so I was pretty dejected. However, all was well again when Dallas won the FX Class and the $1000.

On the “Big Show” (all 41 cars in an index race) Dallas was eliminated in the first round in a close race. I earned the Bye, since there was an odd number of cars and I was the Top Qualifier. Below is the ladder after the first round.

Yes, it is true that I drew Jeff Frees again for the second round of the big show Sunday. Because of an impending storm, they called us to the line at 8:25AM Sunday – as soon as the Meat Wagon arrived. My computer predicted that I was going to run a 9.91 — 1/10 too fast. We staged and I had a perfect .000 light against Jeff’s .060 light. I was way ahead of him and felt sure of a double-break out, so I slowed just a little and let Jeff take the stripe. Big mistake. I couldn’t believe the time slip! When I got back to the trailer and entered the slip — and saw the weather had changed hard and fast when we were in the staging lanes — and the computer felt I was going to run a 10.02 at the exact moment we had out run. I’d have won if I would have run the car out. I was sick!

I was fifth in points and Dallas was 3rd prior to this race, and none of the other Top 5 progressed — and by my “Unofficial” calculations I’ll move up to third and Dallas will drop to 4th in the standings with two races left — one being a double points.

It was a good day for the women winning Wallys. In addition to Erica Enders winning one in NHRA Pro Stock, and Courtney Force winning one in NHRA Funny Car — the winner of the NHRA/NMCA Dave Duell Classic was Rosie Kossuth. One of the nicest ladies you’ll ever meet. Congratulations to Rosie in Lady Max.

Also Dave’s favorite charity was Santa Clothes. Between the donations at the driver’s dinner, and the NSS race the week before — NSS racers ponied up over $7000 for this great cause.

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